Issuance of Eco-Restoration License

14.05.13 | Jikalahari says:

The issuance of an eco-restoration license by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry to a not forprofit restoration organization initiated and supported by APRIL “…is an indication that the mode of corporate crime in the forestry sector continues to this day in Pelalawan.”


20.05.13 | Indonesia’s Minister of Forestry says in media articles:

The Government of Indonesia does not give indiscriminate permission for ecosystem restoration licenses and that any licensee must have “…the resources and they must have a strong commitment to improvement of forest ecosystems.”

(Source: Sinar Harapan)

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Media report:
“The majority of hotspots in Riau are inside April and Sinar Mas consessions“

Comments naming APRIL as one of several companies responsible for a majority of fire hotspots in Riau Province, Indonesia require verification. They do not correspond with intensive monitoring on-the-ground conducted by APRIL in its own concessions over the past several weeks nor with information on Friday from Indonesia's official national body for Meteorology, Climate and Geophysics (BKMG), which identified 13 hotspots in Riau, none of which are on APRIL's concessions.

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